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Reasons why you should consider text message marketing as part of your customer communications

Ways to Use SMS

Reasons why you should consider text message marketing as part of your customer communications As more brands look to target customers on the move, SMS is becoming an increasingly essential part of effective multi-channel marketing. However, with few digital marketing agencies featuring SMS as a core offering, their clients are potentially missing out on communications with customers and increased ROI. Organisations mistakenly believe that mobile marketing requires heavy investment in apps and does not allow for personalised, targeted communication and lacks strong analysis to support ROI. The reality is that access to mobile communications is far easier than perceived and gaining access to mobile consumers (smartphone and non-smartphone) can be as simple as sending a personalised, targeted text message

Your customers are using their mobile devices throughout the day, every day. Newspaper circulations are in decline, as are radio stations, direct mail doesn’t produce a large return, and Yellow pages are almost extinct. You need to advertise to your customers where they are, at that moment, directly and instantly. Text marketing allows this and will also produce almost instant sales.

Large corporations have had access to text marketing, or SMS marketing as it is also known, for a few years now, and have shifted their advertising focus from traditional media to text marketing. According to the Mobile Marketing Association, by 2011 more than half of all national brands will spend between 5% and 25% of their marketing budget on mobile marketing. At the time of writing, over 40% of global brands have already used text message marketing campaigns.

Won’t My Customers See this as Spam?
No. Text message marketing is only delivered to customers that have opted-in and requested the ads from you. You are not marketing to thousands of random strangers in the hope that a few take advantage of your special offer. With text marketing, you are marketing to those people who want to buy from your business, have a positive impression of your business, and want to receive offers from you again and again.
We all know that marketing to your existing customer base is the easiest, most cost effective way of increasing sales and of producing the highest ROI.

When your customer opts-in:
>> You have a person that is highly likely to make purchases from you.
>> They have told you they want to receive offers from you.
>> They will read your message when sent to them, anytime, anyplace with 95% read rates.
>> You can send highly targeted special offers and promotions that will result in sales.
>> You can schedule your message ahead of time or quickly fix unforeseen slow business days.
>> Your customers will never feel that it is spam or they are being forced to receive your material because you allow them to opt-out at any time.

So, Stay in touch with your clients and customers via mobile sms is the perfect way to communicate about yoru products and services. Just start building your sms clients list and start using sms marketing services from SMS & Email Marketing